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'Oh What A Lovely Tour!'

The 'Solo Works' tour officially came to an end on Tuesday at The Greystones in support of 'The Rosellys' with a great crowd in attendance. Many thanks to all those who came along and to those who attended any of the other shows we have played over the summer.Thanks must also go out to the band: Joe Field, Rhiannon Flynn, Tom Hudson and Chris Gray, who have made this run of shows some of the most enjoyable gigs i have played in a long time.

As many of you who follow the various social media pages will know, over the summer I have also started work on a new record with Chris Gray on production duties. There are around 9 songs on the table at the moment with rough tracks layed down. Over the next few months we will be trying to get these finished and hopefully be putting some new songs out by early next year.

On the Big Convoy front me and John Batchelor reconvened to play an acoustic show at the Shakespeares at the end of August and have made plans to finally get in a studio again and record some songs as well as to play some gigs over the next few months. Rehearsals should be taking place next week and we'll be announcing dates shortly after.

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